This Teenage Bodybuilder Just Broke Arnie’s 57 year old Record

This teenage bodybuilder just broke Arnie’s 57-year-old record

Bodybuilding has a new youngest ever pro, with 19-year-old Anton Ratushnyi taking the crown.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is many things. An iconic bodybuilder, a candid politician, and the owner of one of the best line deliveries in Hollywood history—the oft-quoted, stone-faced and exceedingly terse “I’ll be back” of the taciturn terminator, in case it wasn’t obvious. But Arnie is no longer the youngest ever pro bodybuilder. That title now belongs to Anton Ratushnyi, a 19-year-old who is rocketing up the bodybuilding ranks following a series of competitive victories.

Schwarzenegger is synonymous with the sport of bodybuilding. First rising to fame in 1969, when he won the Mr Universe title at just 20 years of age, Schwarzenegger is an undisputed all-time great, and was the youngest person to ever hold a pro card, until now. With three consecutive National Physique Committee (NPC) titles under his belt, the latest of which came at the NPC national in Texas, Ratushnyi has one-upped Arnie.

Following Ratushnyi’s latest title win, he was awarded a pro card, meaning he is no longer classed as an amateur. Ratushnyi’s professional breakthrough comes one year earlier than Schwarzenegger’s. With a physique reminiscent of finely sculpted stone, it’s no surprise that Ratushnyi has quickly become one of the world’s most popular bodybuilders, already amassing close to 250 thousand Instagram followers.



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Ratushnyi took to Instagram to celebrate his achievement. “With overcoming lots of adversity over the last year, I can’t stress enough how important it is to believe in yourself and stay true to yourself no matter what others think of you,” he wrote. “I’m so glad that I decided to pursue my true passion and didn’t let negativity get to me. I took the risk to prep again and challenge myself mentally, physically, and emotionally to not just succeed in bodybuilding but grow as a person that would be worthy of inspiring this new generation.”

Ratushnyi’s accomplishment is made all the more impressive by the remarkable transformation he’s undergone over the last few years. Given that he’s still only 19, you’d have to assume that Ratushnyi has been training and prepping for the bodybuilding lifestyle since before he was even a teenager. But in a recent post, he showed off the dramatic changes he’s made to his physique from ages 15 to 18.



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It’s hard to believe that only three years separates these photos. While Ratushnyi isn’t quite skin and bones in the older pic, his physique is nothing to write home about. Now he’s one of the buffest guys on the planet. It goes to show that with the right commitment, routine and diet, just about anyone can build themselves bulging muscles and an enviable rig.


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