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Leaked Photos Show Exactly What The iPhone 8 Will Look Like

Apple are set to overhaul their almost identical design of their previous smartphones and throw in handful of surprises when releasing the iPhone 8.

Cheekily, Apple are planning to use it’s annual September event (which will be for announcements of the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus) to launch their newest smartphone. 

The new design will feature a stainless steel frame between two, curved glass panels which will give the appearance of the 5.8 inch OLED display taking up the entire screen.


However the biggest change of all is the removal of the home button and fingerprint scanner. As it’s not on the rear of the device, tech-heads are theorising the TouchID will now be embedded in the display.

Another feature set to get tongues wagging is the introduction of the new, dual-lens vertical camera. It’ll have the same zoom capabilities of the previous smartphones, but some are saying it could have been designed specifically to cater for the new augmented reality features expected to be announced by Apple in coming months. 

The release date of the iPhone 8 is still up in the air, however, with sources saying the smartphone mightn’t make it to shelves until early 2018.

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