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Can This Common Fruit Make You Live Longer?

Remember when your mum told you to eat an apple when you got hungry? She may have been onto something. 

According to renowned scientist Dr Vincent Candrawinata, eating Aussie apples may be able to help you live longer. And the research backs it up. 

“Apples are quite an extraordinary package of super powers,” says Dr Vincent.

“Not only are they full of fibre, vitamin c and other beneficial nutrients, they are also known to inhibit cancer, reduce hair loss, improve the health of our teeth and gums, reduce bowel inflammation, speed up weight loss, and lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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“Now, thanks to ground breaking world research, it is possible to say apples will make you live longer.  

“Apples also contain Fisetin, which based on recent research published by EbioMedicine, is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan. Many people believe that Fisetin is the holy grail of long life.”

Previous research published in the journal Nature Medicine found that Fisetin could help eliminate damaged cells. 

Experimenting with older mice, scientists found that using Fisetin as a treatment improved both health and lifespan.

“Further research is being undertaken to better understand the role Fisetin plays in our body and what type of dosage is required to optimise its impact on our lifespan,” continues Dr Vincent.

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“While my research colleagues across the world are continuing their work, there is no doubt that people need to eat more apples.

“Most people eat only half the recommended quality of fruit, but drink way too much fruit juice. My advice is stay away from fruit juice, it is full of sugar and low in dietary fibre. Instead, reach for an apple. Pack a couple in your bag every day and make sure you eat them,” Dr Vincent adds.

“Apples are full of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Red apples contain carotenes, Vitamin A, which also assists our immune function.

“Add apples to your meals in fruit salad or an additional ingredient in salads. Add them smoothies or just add one to your lunch box as a snack. Apples are versatile and easy to carry around. They really are the ideal food.”

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