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Are Millennials Jerks? A Study Has Finally Settled The Debate

Poor millennials really do get a bad rap. They’re constantly painted with the same brush, as selfie obsessed slackers. An easy target to pass blame for the world’s issues, and the punch line for older generation’s jokes. However this is also the generation constantly campaigning for positive social, environmental and political change, hitting the streets and attempting to create a better world for everyone in it.

So are accusations from Baby Boomers fair when it comes to their assessment of Millennials? No, according to a new study released by NRMA Insurance. In fact, it seems that millenials are the most selfless and giving of all the grouped generations.

“While Millennials are often perceived as fickle or entitled, the reality is quite different. Young people are well connected, open-minded and have the energy and optimism needed to make a difference,” said Ramanda James, NRMA Insurance Executive General Manager.

In the survey of more than 2000 Australians, the NRMA Insurance HELP Study found that millennials, aged 18-34, were the demographic most likely to sacrifice their time to help others, with 43 per cent volunteering for a community organisation.

Specifically, the research found young adults are more likely to say that they give back because it makes them ‘feel good’ (54% compared to 41% on average) and because they want to make a difference (36% compared to 34% on average).

Data collected from the survey also highlights where exactly young adults are donating the valuable time, with sports clubs and environmental groups peaking their interests.

The next time you want to paste a millennial for posting their latest selfie, hold back. They could be doing a lot more good than harm.

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