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Are These The Secrets To Paul Rudd’s Eternal Youth?

Clueless is 26 years old. Such a fact should make you feel old in the same way that sitting down to watch Home Alone knowing makes you feel old, knowing that the defence-less Kevin (aka Macaulay Culkin) is now a grown man. But even despite the fact Clueless defined a generation coming-of-age in the ‘90s, it doesn’t feel old and might never if Paul Rudd’s seemingly ageless face continues to, well, defy ageing. The actor was just 26 when he played the character of Josh in the iconic film and while time should have given him quite a ribbing over the years, he could easily step into the same role now. 

The quest for eternal youth exists outside the walls of Hollywood, but while many a celebrity has attempted to defy gravity by way of sagging body parts and drooping eyelids, few have been able to achieve anything resembling a natural appearance. And so they become carbon-copies of a past-self, albeit one with expression-less foreheads and skin pulled so taught, it’s a wonder they can even enunciate. It makes the marvel of Paul Rudd all the more extraordinary. What kind of elixir is the man drinking that has seen him retain his 26-year-old looks?! 

Making a joke of the actor’s age-less appearance, Rudd’s co-star Elizabeth Olsen told viewers on a Bobbi Brown makeup tutorial a few tricks she’d learned from the actor. Taking to applying concealer to her under-eyes, Olsen said, “I just kind of tap it on my fourth finger, because apparently it’s the weakest finger on your hand, and the eyes are very sensitive. And I think I learned that from either Paul Rudd or Mark Ruffalo.”

Explaining the best way to put blush on, the actress joked, “You just put a little bit on, and you blend it in on the apples of your cheeks. Something I learned from Paul Rudd.”

As far as actual advice goes, as we covered previously, the actor expressed in an interview with he did away with alcohol for an entire year, instead focusing on a no-carb diet and 24/7 dedication to fitness. He told People, “My dad was centred around fitness and health, and that was kind of a first.”

The fact Paul Rudd looks the same as he did way back when has become something of a running joke. Just a few years ago, the actor was asked about his skincare secrets at a Clueless reunion where his co-stars looked markedly different to how they appeared in the film. “I’m 80 years old on the inside,” Paul remarked. Pointing at his chest, he said, “In here, pure darkness. And a little moisturiser.” 

It was a famously coy response, especially when you consider the fact other celebrities are out there making millions off skincare lines when really, should Paul Rudd do the same, he’d probably be the cause of a mass market collapse.

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