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How The Revamped Ashley Madison Website Is Helping More Women Have Affairs

If you’re nervous your partner might be looking elsewhere, we have some bad news for you. Extra-marital affair site Ashley Madison is up and running again – and Australians are flocking to the site.

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In 2015, the infidelity-promoting website was hacked, leaking the details of 36 million users. However that hasn’t deterred more users from signing up: over the past two years 12,000 Australians have signed up to the site resulting in 17,000 matches every month. 

According to the site’s vice-president of communications, Paul Keable, women are now a key market because the repercussions of infidelity have become smaller in recent years.

“Infidelity has always been around, but traditionally for women the economic and social impacts were greater if they were caught. Now they are just doing what men have done for centuries and we offer them that,” says Keable.

“Infidelity is only dangerous if you get caught, remember that. We’ve done search research and found the terms ‘have an affair’ having continued to peak in Australia over the last couple of years,”

Previously, a study suggested women are now as likely to cheat as men, while licensed marriage therapist Dr Paul Hokemeyer suggests that women seek a partner out of marriage because they crave a boost in oxytocin, the feel-good hormone they get from connecting with someone else. 

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