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At 53, David Guetta Proves He’s Still Got It

For most, 2020 was spent existing in a limbo period. Lockdown saw most gyms close and while there were those who stuck with their fitness routines by utilising pantry staples as makeshift gym equipment, most of us found ourselves in a precarious position where daily exercise consisted of walking to and from the fridge. The same can’t be said for David Guetta, though. 

The famed DJ, songwriter and producer didn’t let the coronavirus stall his fitness goals, launching like a canon into the New Year and showing off a six-pack that could serve as the accompanying video for his hit song, “Titanium”. If you were in need of motivation, look no further than Guetta’s torso. 

Taking to Instagram, Guetta posted a rather aspirational thirst trap that saw his abs (all six of them) on display as he posed in front of a gym mirror. The caption simply read: “getting ready to get back on stage.”

It’s a motivating physique, that’s for sure, made all the more impressive when you consider the life Guetta leads. As a superstar DJ accustomed to headlining the world’s biggest festivals and nightclubs, it’s fair to say that Guetta’s schedule isn’t quite conducive to morning workouts, health foods, and keeping up with personal fitness. But as any health guru or fitness fanatic can attest, the key to seeing results is consistency and ensuring you carve out the time needed to get a workout in – regardless of the time of day. 

Despite his fame and success, Guetta has still felt the impacts of the global pandemic and been quick to show his support to those in the music industry. The DJ has continued to raise money for coronavirus relief, hosting a virtual “United at Home” concert from an elevation of 200 feet in Dubai. In an interview with CNN, the DJ explained: “I do this because I want to share my love for music and give people a good time. There’s no other way right now, so I’m just imagining people at home, with their kids, with their girlfriends, having a party, and this is how I do it.”

Guetta added that the music industry now rests in a precarious position due to circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing restrictions that have made shows, festivals and world tours a distant memory. With artists, technicians and promoters receiving little financial support over the last 11 months, Guetta has been vocal about the need for assistance. “Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to survive this. It’s very unfair that the people who had money on the side are going to be OK, but the people that didn’t, they’re in a terrible situation.”

It’s been a difficult past few months but as restrictions begin to ease, it looks like Guetta will once again take to the stage and when that time comes, if his latest gym selfie is anything to go by, you can expect the DJ to be in the best shape of his career.

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