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Tradies Create Colourful Workwear To Raise Awareness About Mental Health

When you think about uniforms for labourers, there isn’t much thought that goes into it. For most, hi-vis or monochromatic shirts coupled with old footy shorts seem to be the go-to. But now two Brisbane tradies want to change that while raising awareness for mental health. 

Typical of the colours you might see on a Saturday night or on summer vacation, clothing brand Trademutt was founded by carpenters Ed Ross and Dan Allen with the aim to “encourage the sentiment of being a ‘good bloke.'”

Trademutt 7 News

7 News

“Trademutt is a progressive social enterprise that creates quality hardwearing work shirts for Tradies … and in doing so, start the conversation around suicide in Australian men. In doing so we will lower the current rate of suicide in this country, so that families everywhere don’t have to suffer the needless loss of their sons, fathers and brothers,” reads the website.

“Trademutt represents progressive change in the attitudes and mind sets of men everywhere. By wearing a Trademutt shirt, we stand for respect people everywhere no matter their differences, a nonviolent approach to life, and most importantly a willingness to reach out and support anyone who needs it.”

An issue that is close to Dan’s heart after losing his own mate to the tragic mental illness, the two fellas picked the loudest colours they could find to help amplify awareness.

“By wearing these shirts, you really take a responsibility in saying that you are someone who is open to having these conversations with guys and that you’re a shoulder to lean on,” says Dan speaking to 7 News.

Each shirt includes a logo that reads, ‘This is a conversation starter,’ teaming up with the organisation TIACS (This is a conversation starter). The two mates want to lower the rate of male suicide in Australia with a percentage of all sales going towards the cause.

You can find their complete range on their website here.

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