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Attack This Boxing Workout For A Fight Ready Mind and Body

“The importance of understanding what you pursue is applicable to more than just boxing and fitness. It can be applied to all aspects of life,” says boxing coach and co-founder of Transpose Fitness, Zach Vickers. These are the core values and techniques Zach and partner Siannon Pallister instill in their clients on their path to improved mental and physical fitness.

Originally from New Zealand, Zach was first introduced to the sport of boxing by his uncle at the age of 11. With family being a large influence in his life, it was the passing of his uncle who originally introduced him to the sport which truly solidified this lifelong interest.  

With the application and understanding of core values being an integral component of boxing, there is no wonder it has since heavily influenced Zach’s own actions, beliefs, and his style of coaching. Through continuing education and development in the many disciplines of martial arts, Zach is able to deliver training that really packs a punch.

Put yourself to the test before you hit the ring, and give this brutal workout a try.


20 seconds high knee sprint
20 seconds double under sprint
20 seconds recovery pace

Repeat for 5 minutes 


4 Rounds:

60 seconds jab-cross-jab-cross
60 seconds x mountain climbers


4 Rounds:

15 x jab-cross-hook-cross
15 x push up


4 Rounds:

15 x jab-cross-upper-cross
15 x boxing jump squat (hands remaining in guard position


30 seconds x sprint jab-cross
30 seconds x burpees

Repeat both rounds until you have accumulated 100 burpees 


5 Rounds:

20 x sit-up with a jab-cross
40 x Russian twists

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