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Science Reveals Which Legs Women Find The Most Attractive

If the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has taught us anything, it’s that women with long legs sell lingerie. That’s one reason high heels are so common on runways, in advertising, and ingrained in male fantasies worldwide. What’s lesser known is if this rule also applies to men’s legs.

Thankfully, psychologists from the University of Cambridge have come to the rescue, conducting a study of 74 women, recruiting them to rank the attractiveness of male leg length.

The ladies were shown 28 different male silhouettes and asked to rate the figures purely on attractiveness. All the figures were the same height and body composition, with only the leg-to-body ratio changed.

When looking at the responses, scientists identified that women prefer men with a slightly longer than average leg length.

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Similarly, the results also showed that the more extreme the leg-body-ratio (high or low), the more unattractive.

If you’re proportions are out of whack, don’t stress as it seems likely that leg attractiveness may be cultural. Researchers noted that similar study out of Japan found that women prefer men with an average leg-to-body ratio.

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