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A Complete List Of Australia’s Best New Gyms

The Australian fitness culture is booming, and it’s an extremely exciting time to get involved. Growth in the sector doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, with projections estimating revenue from fitness to reach around AU$2.4 billion locally by 2022. And it’s easy to see why.

With world class experts in human conditioning on our doorstep, we’re spoilt for choice. Our health and fitness landscape has carved world class athletes, and our continued commitment to innovation, research, and functional training remain a beacon of inspiration for fitness cultures worldwide.

And with so many trainers, gyms, and programs vying for your hard earned money and sweat, how do you decide who to commit to? While we can’t choose for you, we can provide some information on the hottest new players on the gym scene that are worthy of your membership. Take a sweaty tour of Australia with us, as we enjoy the latest and greatest fitness hangouts, destined to play an ongoing role in shaping our training landscape. 



Tribute offers a fresh twist on the stereotypical boxing gym. Owned and operated by former IBO super featherweight world champion Will Tomlinson and regarded strength coach Jay Milford Robinson, Tribute offers a diverse range of services all with their roots in boxing. While you’re in their gritty outfit, you can experience Tribute circuit classes, one-on-one and group training as well as strength and conditioning training.


Located in Port Melbourne and in Melbourne’s CBD, Bodhi & Ride has 2 premium boutique wellness studios providing a modern and innovative twist to cater for an urban Melbourne lifestyle. Offering unique, fun and immersive spin classes designed to challenge you physically and replenish you mentally, the Bodhi & Ride ethos is to provide a welcoming sanctuary from the outside world for all fitness levels. Bodhi & Ride is a revolution [bike pun intended we’re sure] in the Australian boutique fitness industry combining immersion in a nightclub environment with fitness for a whole body and mind experience that’s fun and effective. You will leave feeling as though you’ve actually just left the club.



Descend beneath the city to enter a futuristic world of raw concrete, neon lights and brushed metal. THE BUNKER is a hidden boutique studio, the brainchild of Justin Ashley and Serra Burmin, founder of the innovative Fitness Playground gyms. The gym is something you’d expect to find in Manhattan, and the crowd match the surrounding vibe. Fit, dedicated and aspirational, everything you need in an inner-city fitness escape.


Sydney-siders will soon have the chance to train with some of the biggest names in footy in a new, high-tech way when the first ‘Coaching Zone’ studio in NSW opens on July 3. Only the second stand alone training space of its kind in Australia, the new small group training studio at Five Dock will be owned and operated by the footy trio Todd Liubinskas, Bronson Harrison and Shane McLeod who currently run Complete Strength & Performance.

Coaching Zone uses a high-tech, Bluetooth heart rate system that allows locals to track their workout and ensure they are working at the right intensity in order to achieve results. Once the session is over, clients can take the heart rate monitor home, download the app and track all of their training both inside and outside the studio walls.



Science of Fitness is a newly relaunched performance facility based out of Queensland’s capital, with an emphasis on science based, intelligent training. The product of a world-class trainer and a functional neurologist, Science of Fitness works with high-functioning clients to unlock their athletic potential.

The programs and classes in the gym go beyond the workouts, with their trainers individually assessing and programming based on client goals, training history, medical profile and lifestyle.



When creativity and fitness collide, you get the inclusive community feel of Artgym. According to the owners, they strive to be empathetic to the individual needs and circumstances of their members and value the diverse skills and life experience of their trainers. In other words, everyone is welcome! Heck, you can even take part in one of their hip-hop classes if traditional lifting isn’t your thing.

True to their name (and slogan), they really are one of Australia’s most beautiful gym, which won’t necessary make you sweat more, but it will give you something incredible pleasing to look at… while you’re gasping for air on the floor.



Not to be outdone, Perth’s hottest gym on the block combines two of Australia’s most popular workouts; boxing and spin. Box and Bike on Aberdeen St claim to be a world’s first, and we’re yet to discover anywhere to challenge them on that claim. Your 45 minute journey incorporates two of the most effective forms of fitness, Boxing and Spin Bike. Improve your fitness, boxing technique, combat skills, mental resiliency, and body composition, all in the one stop shop.



Fitness Playground was a concept that started as a local Surry Hills Bootcamp in Prince Alfred Park, Sydney. Since then they’ve gone on to create a string of gyms nationwide that provide a premium setting that also promotes hard work and true grit. With the latest FP family member opening up late last year in Darwin, the crew has continued their run at the top of the Aussie fitness scene with dedicated trainers and world class facilities. They’ve successfully created the rare kind of gym, the kind of place you wanted to hang out in, with a community you want to be part of.



Studio360 Cycle is the ultimate cardio workout, set in Australia’s most innovative studio, which takes advantage of original technology to guide you through each and every class. Ride along to all of your favourite workout tunes in their 45 minute workouts designed to bring strength to your whole body.

The set up, a futuristic layered neon-lit circle, looks like something from the set of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, as you sit up high and look down, cycling towards your instructor. Grab your cleats, clip in, and chase that leg pump.

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