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Toddler Rescues Trapped Brother With Super-Baby Strength

It’s a scene from every parent’s worst nightmare: Two-year-old Brock Shoff was playing with his brother in their Utah home when a dresser fell directly on top of him, according to a CNN report. But in a feat of super-baby strength, the toddler’s twin brother saved him from the dresser by lifting it off of him just long enough for him to escape. 


A nanny-cam video, below, shows the two twin boys climbing inside the dresser drawers before their weight causes the heavy piece of furniture to topple over onto Brock. His twin brother, Bowdy, examines the surroundings of the dresser while Brock is trapped underneath it for nearly 2 minutes.


It’s hard to believe the kid walked away without any injuries. Although the boys’ dad, Ricky Shoff, says he was hesitant to share the video, he posted the clip to Facebook anyway, because he wanted to highlight the dangers of not bolting and securing dressers to the wall. Plus, how could he not show the world how badass his toddler is? “It is also incredible,” Shoff wrote, in the understatement of the century. 

The boys’ mom, Kayli Schoff, told NBC that they didn’t even hear a cry or a thud and had only discovered the dresser fiasco after watching the video.


She admits the incident was a wake-up call, and believes the connection between her sons saved Brock. “I really believe in a twin bond” she said, “and I really think these two have it.” That, or Bowdy is a tiny superhero in disguise.


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