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Bad Breath, Leg Cramps, Cracked Skin: Here’s What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

There are some obvious warning signs our health has taken a hit – but we’re often oblivious to some of the more subtle red flags.

But from bad breath to itchy skin, our body holds important clues about the state of our health.

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Bad breath

Bad breath is usually due to a bacterial imbalance inside the mouth.

“We’re needing to make sure that we’re brushing, flossing, drinking lots of water, and eating our vegetables,” said naturopath and nutritionist Belinda Kirkpatrick.

“If it’s still happening, you can drink some liquid chlorophyll to neutralise the bacteria. It’s a good quick fix.”

Leg cramps at night

We often think leg cramps are due to dehydration – but it’s usually a sign of low magnesium or sodium.

“If it’s low magnesium, bumping up foods like brazil nuts, seeds, and leafy greens are fantastic,” Kirkpatrick said.

“But if your diet’s quite low in processed food, you may actually be low in sodium – and you need to add a little sea salt back in.”

Recurring mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers can happen due to stress – and stress often depletes our body of vitamin B12.

“Increase things in your diet like red meat or sardines – if you’re a vegetarian, nutritional yeast can be good,” Kirkpatrick said.

“But managing stress is probably the biggest one.”

Itchy, scaly skin

Dry, itchy, or scaly skin can often be inevitable in winter – but it’s not just your heater or your hot showers that are to blame.

“Quite often, you may be low in essential fatty acids,” Kirkpatrick said.

“Bump up your oily fish like sardines or salmon – as well as chia seeds or olive oil.

“You also need to make sure you’re drinking 1.5 litres to two litres a day.”

Cracked skin around nails

“Usually it’s due to low stomach acid, which depletes your body of protein because you’re not absorbing it correctly,” Kirkpatrick said.

“You could try having some apple cider vinegar in water to bump up at the acidity.

“In the meantime, make sure you keep your hands well moisturised.”

Not dreaming?

This isn’t so much a red flag – but if you’re not dreaming, and your mood or energy is low, you might be low in vitamin B6.

“Walnuts, eggs, and chickpeas are really high in vitamin B6,” Kirkpatrick said.

“If you’re still not feeling great, you could try a B vitamin supplement that has some good levels of B6 in there.”

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