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This Product Can Help Fix Your Patchy Facial Hair

How frustrating are those awkward gaps between your moustache and chin strap? Luckily, there’s a solution for it. 

Grooming brand GrowBeards has come up with a product that can ‘stimulate blood circulation and increases nutrients to your follicles, resulting in new/thicker hair growth.’

The brand explains that it uses a needling process which they claim has a great track-record when it comes to hair growth: “Micro-needling has proven to work and shown promising new permanent hair growth, and more men are seeing results with our product and method.”

But don’t worry, “even though it has the term ‘needles’ it does not hurt whilst using.”

540 Needle Professional Beard Growth Roller


The best thing? You only need to apply the roller once a week, going over the spots ten times in all directions. 

“After you’ve rolled your beard area, it’s a good idea to moisturise with face cream or beard oil,” the instructions on the website read.

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“You can do this directly after rolling, but make sure that what you’re using is meant for the face. This is why we tend to recommend using natural oils instead of lotions,” the site continues. 

“You don’t have to apply anything, however. Just roll and relax, if that’s your preference.”

And the reviews suggest the GrowBeards 540 Needle Professional Beard Roller isn’t just a gimmick.  

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Only been using it for a week, but my facial hair is growing quicker (I can grow some facial hair but very patchy) It is thicker, hopefully I will see even greater results in the next couple of weeks VERY EASY to use, recommended this to a few friends who are in the same boat,” writes one reviewer.

“Best thing I’ve ever bought. Started seeing a massive difference within 3 week of having it. My beard finally connects to my chin haha,” another user wrote, highlighting how quickly the product can start working. 

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And if you wanted to look like your favourite Hollywood stars or lifestyle models, it turns out, it’ll actually help you put together more than bumfluff: You need this product if you’re like me who struggle to grow facial hair, the solution is here.”

Guess we’ll need to give it a go to see if it’s as good as it sounds. 

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