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Stop Everything – There’s A New beer That Promises To Boost Your Sex Drive

If you’re struggling between the sheets, you might want to knock back a few cold ones.

The makers of a new beer promise it will up your sex drive thanks to the virility-boosting properties of watercress, an aquatic plant known to increase sperm count while also being rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.

Teaming up with The Watercress Company, England-based brewer Cerne Abbas Brewery created the lager boasting a modest 4.5 per cent alcohol content to match its health benefits. 

Inventors label the pint as “a delightfully hoppy brew with a refreshing citrus bite, which contrasts deliciously with the peppery hit of the watercress”.

Unfortunately, the stimulating alcohol beverage is available only in pubs and local shops in the English country town of Dorchestor.

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