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Behold Channing Tatum’s 8-Pack: Here’s How He Maintains It

It used to be the case that prior to the global coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that resulted, celebrities existed in what seemed to be an alternate universe. Theirs was a lifestyle touted as “unattainable,” a life of luxury and excess that we could only glimpse from movies about the rich and famous. There was an aura of mystery, a sense of being untouchable, and aside from the occasional magazine spread, riveting late show interview or a press junket that unearthed some salacious scandal, for the most part their lives were private – even despite the paparazzi that hounded them daily. 

But then lockdown came and, with most productions temporarily halted, celebrities suddenly found themselves occupying a strange feeling: boredom. So they turned their own lens upon themselves. As they broadcast Zoom and IGTV videos from their kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms, we suddenly saw inside their very homes and what was once private was made public. And never has it been more welcome than in the hands of Channing Tatum who snapped a blurry glass door selfie.

Taking to Instagram to share the snap, Tatum captioned the picture: “Little Saturday grind session! Let’s goooo 2021! Feelin goodie good!!” And we can’t argue with the man. The pic immediately came to be flooded with emojis of heart eyes and flames, along with drooling faces as fans were quick to express their adoration for the star and what seems to be a rather prominent 8-pack.

Tatum has worked with high-profile trainers and nutritionists in the past, and is said to enjoy a clean diet to build lean muscle mass. typical breakfasts include a veg smoothie with kale, spinach, celery, romaine, and very little fruit, which Tatum drinks with each meal. Breakfast is eggs, lunch usually consists of grilled chicken or turkey, and dinner was grilled chicken or steak with veg. He would typically eat every two hours to give his body all the essential nutrients it needs to fuel training, burn fat and build muscle. 

As for his training, Tatum likes to mix things up. A fan of cycling, he often rides early int he morning and even mixes it up by hitting the hills and difficult trails, average around 25 miles. He’d swim a lot too, often 100 laps in his pool, or doing a pool workout where he would do a lap, then jump out of the pool to perform 25 crunches or 25 push-ups, or five jump outs (otherwise known as water burpees). Then in the afternoon, Tatum does some strength and conditioning workouts with weights. 

Tatum has just wrapped filming on Dog, a project close to his heart and one which will see him make his directorial debut. His next act will be as executive producer for an upcoming unscripted Magic Mike competition show, which will hit HBO Max later this year. The network is reportedly on a casting search, looking for ten men who have “lost their magic” and will compete for a cash prize in Vegas to reclaim the glory. He’s also preparing for Lost City of D, an action rom-com with Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe that might even see him flex his action chops. He teased a video of himself horseback riding last month, writing “easing back into riding for an upcoming movie…haven’t ridden in a long time.”

Perhaps we might just see Tatum on a horse in his next flick. Regardless, if ever there was some inspiration to get you to hit the gym, it’s Tatum and his toned torso. 

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