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Sink Stress And Torch Fat With Only 50 Cents

Usually, Berocca is what we reach for from the depths of a hangover, a fizzy vitamin hit that brings us back to life. But waiting 25 seconds for it to dissolve and adding it to your daily regiment could also prime your body for fat-burning, as well as alleviate the stress of another day at work. Not bad for 50c a pop.

Shortly after your alarm sounds, your body is flooded with the stress hormone cortisol. This spike is designed to wake you up by sending glucose to your brain; your cortisol levels should then rebalance.

In today’s culture of early espressos and morning emails, however, it’s all too easy to sustain that initial stress for the entire day, which is bad news for both your weight-loss goals and your mood.

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Research published in the journal Obesity found that raised cortisol levels correlate with a wider waist circumference and a higher body-mass index score. The stress hormone has also been linked to the deposition of fat in the abdominal area and a greater susceptibility to heart disease.

But swap your morning coffee for a glass of range fizz and the 500mg of vitamin C will normalise your cortisol levels and help to limit future spikes, taking the stress out of losing weight. Think of it as your new chill pill. 

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