The Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toys And Products

Our Earth Day picks of the best eco-friendly sex toys and products

These eco-friendly toys, lubricants, masturbators and massagers will deliver pleasure, sustainable sexiness and a clear conscience.

IN OUR INCREASINGLY eco-conscious world, it is no longer enough for our purchases to fill a need and appeal to us aesthetically, they must also satisfy our desire for environmental friendliness and sustainable practices to take priority over profit margins and cost-cutting measures. That line of thinking is not isolated to single-use straws and plastic bags, it also extends to sex products. 

Nowadays, just about every big brand is responding to consumer demand for ethical and sustainable practices by introducing eco-friendly products. But this has also led to a rise in greenwashing, under which a corporation’s commitment to appearing eco-friendly is greater than its commitment to actually making a difference for our planet—often to such an extent that marketing materials can mislead consumers on the eco-friendliness of a product. In this market, it’s important to look for official signifiers of sustainable practices, such as a B-Corp certification.

Beyond all the false promises, mistruths and greenwashing, there lies a selection of sex products that are genuinely eco-friendly and produced without harming the environment. The world’s climate probably won’t collapse because of a few discarded dildos and prostate massagers, but every change to your consumption makes a difference. Here, to mark Earth Day,  we’ve rounded up the best eco-friendly sex products that you can purchase right now. Let’s get into it.


What are the best eco-friendly sex toys?


The Department of Bed Intentions Water-Based Lubricant

The Department of Bed Intentions are new players in Australia’s sexual wellness scene. Having only recently launched, the company has already received B-Corp certification, becoming the first Australian sexual wellness brand to do so. Their hero product is the world’s first microbiome-friendly water-based lubricant. What’s more, the lube is also certified cruelty free and features active ingredients like Green Tea seed extract and fermented Cranberry to soothe and support skin. The packaging is similarly eco-friendly as it’s plastic-free, made from 100% aluminium and is recyclable.



Frenchie The Beret Condoms

Given that they need to be disposable and can only be used once, condoms could have posed a major threat to the environment, had history gone a little differently. The first ‘condoms’—if you can call them that—were made from animal intestines. But that material doesn’t propagate unbridled desire. And it could hardly be called eco-friendly due to the necessary animal components. The first widely manufactured condoms were made from plastic and are said to have been excruciatingly uncomfortable. Clearly, change was needed, and latex condoms quickly became the norm. Luckily, latex is made from a renewable resource and is biodegradable, but the folks at Frenchie have gone even further with The Beret, making a condom that is free of synthetic ingredients, hypoallergenic, made from natural latex, and is vegan. In addition, as they proudly proclaim, “The only animals these are tested on are those in the sack.”


Lovehoney Arcwave Ghost Silicone Reusable Reversible Textured Male Stroker

This male stroker from Lovehoney already scores eco-friendly points for being made with sustainable silicone, but in addition to the toy’s materials, its packaging is also designed with the planet in mind. The Arcwave is transitioning to packaging, which is the same size as the product, minimising the use of cardboard and other materials. But eco-friendliness isn’t the only reason this toy is a hit. Made of flexible, textured silicone, the Arcwave can elevate your bedroom experience. It’s also reversible, so you’ll always have options in regard to texture.


LELO HEX Condoms

As we mentioned earlier, condoms have come a long way since their initial—and thankfully antiquated—interpretations. Now, we have access to protective sensations like LELO’s HEX condoms, which utilise a signature hexagonal structure that is textured on the inside for supreme grip and a barely there feel. They’re also made from 100% natural latex and are produced with no animal by-products, meaning they’re vegan friendly.







Tenga Flex is a male masturbator that is not only reusable, it’s also made of bio-sustainable silicone. With unique spiral-ribbed casing and a malleable interior, the Tenga Flex offers multiple methods of stimulation. Not least of which is the ability to wind and unwind during use, prompting a climax-inducing spiralling movement.




LUVLOOB Okay Let’s Play Natural Water-Based Lubricant

Water-based lubricants are almost always better for the environment as they use less synthetic materials, but they also frequently offer benefits outside of eco-friendliness. Take LUVLOOB’s water-based lube, for example, which is made with organic and plant-based ingredients like aloe vera, that adds a soothing sensation that’s great for your skin.






Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

Most sex toy brands have over the top, nauseatingly lubricious names, but none more so than the ever-prurient Hot Octopuss. Assuringly, Hot Octopuss also do good work, and the Pulse Solo is evidence of the fact. Made of eco-friendly, body-safe silicone with no harmful chemicals, the Pulse Solo is a vibrating male masturbator that utilises oscillating technology to deliver multiple vibration patterns and ultimate pleasure.



LELO Bruno Prostate Massager

If eco-friendliness is your aim, you should always look for sex toys that are rechargeable, rather than battery powered. LELO’s Bruno prostate massager is one such item. For the man who prefers high end prostate massagers, Bruno is an optimal choice. With two powerful motors situated in the device’s tip and base, Bruno utilises six vibration patterns, a smooth silicone exterior and waterproof layering to get the job done.





Lovehoney Hot Shot Rechargeable Warming Silicone Male Masturbator

Lovehoney promises you really will feel like a hot shot when using this warming male masturbator, which is rechargeable and made from sustainable silicone. The Hot Shot operates by enveloping the head of the penis, warming the member up to 40 degrees and vibrating in six distinct patterns and three intensities. The result is a world of pleasure you didn’t know was possible.





LELO TOR 2 Couples’ Ring

Because sometimes it’s not all about you. At time of writing, it’s Valentine’s Day, so why not indulge with the gift of simultaneous pleasure? The TOR 2 is a flexible cock ring with vibrating qualities that offer intense pleasure for both partners. The TOR 2 is also suitably eco-friendly, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a phthalate-free silicone design made from entirely body-safe materials.




Image: Daniel Hermann-Zoll

The Department of Bed Intentions Natural Tingle Balm

The Department of Bed Intentions is already making waves in the sexual wellness industry with just their second product, a 100% natural and dissolvable oil-based capsule that acts as a sensation amplifier. It does this by utilising a number of essential oils, as well as Linseed Oil, which is high in Omega 3. To use it, apply the balm anywhere on the body to feel a tingling sensation, before discarding the capsule in hot water, where it will dissolve. In addition, the balm is gluten, hormone, glycerin, paraben and plastic-free, and it’s even certified carbon positive. As we’ve come to expect from the B-Corp certified Department of Bed Intentions, the tingle balm and all their other products are natural, vegan and certified cruelty-free.



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