The 8 Best Sex Toys For Men

The 8 best sex toys for men

Sometimes all a dish needs is a little extra spice. These toys will add exactly that.

WHETHER YOUR SEX LIFE is routinely thriving or just barely surviving, the addition of a high-quality sex toy can elevate your experiences. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or even sexual prowess, bringing sex toys into the bedroom can be a gamechanger. However, the pleasure tools have become something of a taboo amongst men, with many eschewing the use of sex toys due to feelings of shame or inadequacy. If you’re one of those men, allow us to clear things up: there’s nothing shameful about having the best orgasm of your life.

Sex toys have the potential to completely reinvigorate your sex life, or simply enhance it, if you’re not in need of a total rework. With roles in both partnered and solo work, sex toys can open up a whole new world of pleasurable possibilities. You know there’s more than one way to achieve an orgasm, right? You may have grown accustomed to a stock standard method, but believe us, there are far more ways to get the job done. From prostate massagers and penis rings to vibrators and fleshlights, these are the eight best male sex toys on the market.


Lovehoney Mantric Rechargeable P-Spot Probe Vibrator

Price: $95

Kicking it off with a banger—literally—we have a P-spot vibrator from Lovehoney. By and large, men have only recently discovered the immense pleasure of stimulating the prostate gland—or P-spot, as the folks at Lovehoney call it. Thankfully, the ideal gear for the endeavour is already here. Give yourself the gift of pleasure with this mantric sex toy, which combines an ergonomic design with proven technology.




Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker With Smart Silencer

Price: $299

The technological revolution has entered the sex toy sphere. You won’t find many toys more innovative than this air stroker. Utilising airwave technology, this toy simulates the blowjob experience. By sucking, teasing and stimulating in eight different intensity levels, this air stroker will feel like the real thing. Plus, the device has a smart-silence mode and is fully waterproof. What more could you want?


Wild Secrets Satisfyer 3″ Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring

Price: $70

Another instrument that has gone relatively under the radar in the realm of sex toys is the classic penis ring. Simple and effective, penis rings add a touch of excitement to the bedroom and can even improve stamina. This one from Wild Secrets is adjustable, to accommodate all shapes and sizes, and employs ten vibration patterns for ultimate pleasure.






Lovehoney Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

Price: $129 $90 (for a limited time)

A dream gift for yourself or a dear friend, the Blowmotion male masturbator is the pinnacle of sex toys. While a warming, vibrating male masturbator called Blowmotion probably isn’t the most appropriate gift for a family member or a work colleague, it could be a gamechanger for yourself or an intimate partner. This device operates by enveloping the head of the penis, warming the member up to 40 degrees, vibrating in six distinct patterns and three intensities, delivering a world of pleasure.



LELO Bruno Prostate Massager

Price: $239

For the man who prefers his sex toys and prostate massagers to be exclusively high end, LELO’s ‘Bruno’ is an optimal choice. With two powerful motors situated in the device’s tip and base, Bruno utilises six vibration patterns, a smooth silicone exterior and waterproof layering to get the job done.



Lovehoney TENGA Flip Hole Male Masturbator

Price: $139

Lovehoney makes a lot of male masturbators, and Flip Hole is one of their highest rated. With multiple asymmetrical textures and buttons that allow pressure customisation, textured bumps and ridges lining the inside of the sleeve, Flip Hole is the complete package. It’s also usable with or without an erection, a godsend for those with an erectile dysfunction.




Vush Sol Vibrating Stroker

Price: $80

Affordable and dependable, Sol is a vibrating penis stroker that’s ribbed in all the right places. Designed to stimulate the full length of the penis, Sol has flexible wings, allowing the toy’s grip strength to be adjusted, depending on what sensation you’re in the mood for.




Price: $277

Once again delivering the luxury solution to your pleasure problems, LELO’s F1sV2 stands alone as a paragon of unbeatable sensation. Fittingly high-tech, the F1sV2 is an app-controlled male vibrator, which apart from vibrating (duh) also utilises sonic waves for the ultimate orgasm.


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