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Your Complete Hangover Food Guide

Your head hurts, your mouth is dry and you feel like you’re going to be sick. We get it. You went too hard last night. So let’s get straight to it. Here’s your complete hangover guide. 

1. Your repair kit

A. Egg

Whether boiled or fried, eggs are rich in the amino acid cysteine, which breaks down a compound called acetaldehyde, a toxin responsible for particularly brutal hangover headaches. It’s worth shelling out for a box of free-range.

B. Avocado

The Insta-brunch staple is full of fatty acids (you need them right now), plus the natural plant sterol beta-sitosterol for healthy cholesterol and heart protection. Which means you can stress a lot less about last night’s order.

C. Pork belly

There may seem few redeeming factors for what is essentially thick-cut bacon, but saturatedfat has been proven to nullify the toxic effect of alcohol on your liver. Which, at this time of year, coulddo with a helping hand. So pig out.

D. Cabbage

This was used as an ancient hangover cure for its purported ability to clear alcohol’s hangover-causing congener compounds. Not only that, when fermented as kimchi or sauerkraut, the probiotics fire up your weightloss potential, too.

2. Press refresh

First, brew a strong mug of coffee and pop an aspirin. Plos One research backs this to banish any bastard behind the eyes. Now, while eggs and avo need minimal prep – a steady knife to avoid ‘avocado hand’ will do – the pork and cabbage take time and forethought.

For the pork belly, soak it in saltwater in the fridge overnight, then cover with foil and cook in a roasting dish with a cup of water for three hours at 160°C. Remove the foil and blast on high to crisp. For the cabbage, slice and salt for two hours, rinse and massage with either caraway for sauerkraut, or chilli, ginger and garlic for kimchi.

Place in a fermentation crock pot and leave for 48 hours.

Let’s be honest, you need to get all this done before you go out.

3. Recipes worth their salt

For hungover traditionalists, a breakfast of brined pork and cabbage may seem strange, but its benefits are both immediate and long- lasting.

Salt aids hydration to abate morning misery, while the veg’s probiotics will counteract seasonal hedonism by supporting both metabolism and immunity. And for those who prefer to keep things simple, Kirby also has a smarter take on your staple sandwich.

With all this in mind, bookmark his four recipes for a delicious remedy to your next night out.

A. Energising egg & sausage sandwich

Serves 1

► Bratwurst sausages, 2

►  Eggs, 2

► Sauerkraut, 100g

► Granary bread, 2 slices

► Butter, 1tsp


– Fry the Bratwursts until they’re bursting through their skin and then slice lengthways. 

– Drop the eggs into the leftover sausage juices, spooning over the oil to cook the yolk.

– Toast and butter your bread – the low-GI carbs of the grains will provide much-needed slow-release energy – then spoon on and spread the sauerkraut before piling high with sausage and eggs.

– Brown sauce is encouraged.

B. Multivitamin baked eggs and broccoli

Serves 2-3

► Stem broccoli, 50g

► Kimchi, 50g

► Eggs, 2

► Soy sauce, 20ml

► Water, 80ml

► Avocado, ½, diced

► Green chilli, ½, sliced

► Coriander, garnish


– Preheat your oven to 180°C while you fry the vitamin C-rich broccoli in an ovenproof pan until it browns.

– Next, add the kimchi and combine.

– Break the eggs onto the mixture before mixing the water and soy sauce and pouring into the pan.

– Place the pan in the oven for five minutes before removing and topping with avo, chilli and coriander.

C. Gut-punch pancake and pork belly

Serves 2-3

► Soy sauce, 2tbsp

► An egg

► Whole milk, 110ml

► Rice wine vinegar, 2tbsp

► Plain flour, 120g

► Baking powder, 1tsp

► Kimchi, 250g

► Chilli mayo, 1tbsp

► Pork bellies, 2, cut
into thick slices


– Whisk the soy sauce, egg, milk and vinegar in a bowl.

– Sift in the flour and baking powder, stirring until it forms a batter, and then add the kimchi.

– Heat a pan and shallow fry until golden brown, then flip.

– Plate up, layer on the mayo, pork and another dollop of kimchi.

– The protein, spices and probiotics work in harmony for an indulgent way to settle your stomach and spike metabolism.

D. Quick ’n’ easy renewal smoothie

Serves 1

► Kale, 25g

► Miso paste, ¼tsp

► Avocado, ¼

► Coconut water, 150ml

► Cashew butter, 1tsp

► Raw honey, 1tsp


– When you’re feeling a little delicate, it’s good to keep things simple.

– For this morning-after refreshment, drop all of the ingredients into a high-speed blender and blitz until smooth.

– The coconut water is brimming with the electrolyte potassium that will hydrate your hangover and banish dreaded dry mouth.

– Pour into a tall glass and savour, don’t down – this may sit heavy. Now put your feet up.

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