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Best Meals For Men – Super Sunday

My mum used to cook the roasts when I was growing up with my brothers, and even then I knew a great meal when I tasted it. The first time I made this dish I was in Year 12 – it was the last Sunday of the winter holidays before going back to school.


I had the idea that I wanted my roast to be more stew-like than a traditional hunk of beef that you need to carve. I was looking for off-the-charts tenderness, versatility and deliciousness. Believe me, this delivers.


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Beef chuck puts some guys off because it can be tough and fatty, but those qualities are eliminated when you cook it long and slow. The connective tissue disintegrates and you’re left with tender, tasty goodness.

The onions, herbs and red wine combine to lift the flavour factor. Use everything in the recipe for maximum effect.

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Love your leftovers

A stew-style roast night gives you ample options for delicious dishes in the days afterward. Here are Churchill’s top four


Team the beef with guacamole, cheese, grated carrot and sour cream for a touch of Mexican magic.

Man-style beef salad

Fork it through a mix of spinach leaves, avocado, sliced hardboiled egg and brown rice for a salad that satisfies.

Hot beef roll

Stuff it into a soft wholegrain roll that’s been warmed and lightly toasted in the oven.


Warm the beef in the microwave, then pop it on top of an omelette that’s cooking on the pan. Fold and devour.

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