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The Bizarre New Way Men Are Making Their Penises Larger

Perhaps it’s the fear that comes along when stripping down in front of your crush. Or maybe it’s your alpha instincts kicking in. But for reasons unknown, men crave the title of having the biggest schlong.


And after all – bigger seems to always be better, right? Good news: if you’re lacking down there, there’s now a way to rid yourself of all your naked insecurities.

Previously, The University of New Mexico and UCLA surveyed 75 women to identify the ideal penis size. Their conclusion: Erect, 6.3 to 6.4 inches. Unfortunately British research in a study published in the BJU International suggested the average was only between 5.5 to 6.2 inches long and 4.7 to 5.1 inches. That means we need to find some extra depth.

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Enter a new, quick penis-enlarging surgery that will add 1 to 2 inches to your penis, adeptly named ‘Penoplasty’. Penoplasty is a simple procedure where fat is moved from the lower back or abdomen and implanted into the penile shaft.

Twin doctors, Maurizio and Robert Viel, responsible for the new, innovative operation, say the boundaries are limitless.

“This surgery is very popular with all ranges of social class, profession, cultural, economic background and the age of patients ranges from 20-70 years of age. There are no boundaries as this is a problem that can affect any male.

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“There is not really a most common penis size that men request as the majority of men ask for an increase that looks natural and looks realistic…not double or treble the original size as you might think.”

And with 25 patients a week, the London centre for Aesthetic Surgery has seen a keen interest in the new procedure. The surgery itself costs about AU$4500 although they do warn there are some risks involved like any procedure.

But if you’re overly insecure about the size of your pork sword, there’s no need to worry. Studies confirms what women really want – they don’t actually care about the size of your penis as long as you know how to use what you’ve got and offer far more. ( )

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