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Bruno Mars Is Entering The Athleisure World With New Lifestyle Brand

If you’ve watched any Bruno Mars music video or live performance, aside from the fact that this man can really sing into a microphone, the next thought pertains to his style. Mars often looks like he’s stepped out of a ‘70s fashion show, with his enviable curly locks, penchant for flares, retro colours, and fitted shirts, and a desire to accessorise with only the best tinted sunglasses. The man, it needs be said, is a fashion icon. 

It’s not unusual for music artists to pay great attention to detail when it comes to their visual aesthetic, in fact, it’s kind of necessary. The visuals reflect not only the sound, but a carefully curated image of the artist, one that will either endure or transform dependent on their on whims and flight of fancy. For Mars, he’s kept tight creative control over his image and while the rest of us could only dream of raiding such a wardrobe, it’s now going to be a possibility. The musician is now taking things to the next level, creating a lifestyle brand in collaboration with Lacoste. 

“When I’m on stage my name is Bruno Mars. When I’m making lavish luxurious garments, I go by Ricky Regal,” said Mars, describing his new designer alter-ego to go with his newly developed lifestyle brand.

The collection features all the staples we’re lusting over: tracksuits, shorts, polo shirts, t-shirts, pants, slides, socks, and aviator sunglasses featuring Lacoste’s signature sporty design details. The star of the show is definitely the ‘70s-style track jackets which come in red, orange, mustard and forest green. The tracksuits feature a slim-cut on the leg and white zip on the jacket, which also folds over into an oversized collar. 

The collect is expected to drop March 5 via exclusive retailers, while also being available for purchase on Lacoste’s official website, from March 8. 

By Mens Health Staff

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