Two Guys Stage Brutal Prank to Catch Cheating Girlfriend | Men's Health Magazine Australia

Two Guys Stage Brutal Prank to Catch Cheating Girlfriend | Men’s Health Magazine Australia

If you’re a cheater, then quite frankly you deserve everything that comes your way.

That’s why we feel absolutely no sympathy for this woman who was the victim of an absolutely brutal prank by her two boyfriends.

This is what happened:

One of the woman’s boyfriends shows up to surprise her at work and gets down on one knee to propose. From what we can tell, she seems pretty happy. This is where things get bad (and awkward).

The guy nervously looks around, almost as if he’s waiting for something. A few awkward seconds later and boyfriend #2 enters the frame. For some reason, it actually takes the women a good 5 seconds to actually work out what is going on before she storms out of the restaurant.

“You had two good men!” the second guy yells. “Two good f*cking men! You f*cked it up!”

It was revealed the woman had been dating both men since November, and one had even gone as far as to buy her a car. Ouch. 

If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burnt. 

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