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Build a Knuckle-Crushing Grip With This Workout

Mention grip strength to most men and the image that springs to mind is cranking out innumerable reps on a rusty gripper that you happened to find in your old man’s garage.


According to Chad McMurren, former natural bodybuilding champion and owner of grip-training store Grip & Lift Australia, “getting a $2 gripper and squeezing it mindlessly for hours on end doesn’t do a whole lot for your grip. The fastest way to increase your grip strength is to chase a specific one-rep max using grippers which have specific poundages.”


With poundages ranging from 63.5kg for a Number 1 gripper, to an immovable 165.5kg for a Number 4, Captains of Crush grippers are the gold standard in grip training and competition.


Follow this workout from McMurren to build a knuckle-crushing grip


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This workout requires three grippers: a warm-up gripper (which allows you to do 10 reps easily), a working gripper (which allows you to 5-7 reps) and a goal gripper (which you can’t quite close).


Warm-up gripper

2×10 reps (your effort level should be low)

Working gripper

3×5-7 reps (if you can go higher than this rep range, you need to up the poundage)

Goal gripper

3×1 rep (close the gripper as far as you can, then hold this position for 3-5 seconds)

Warm-up gripper

1×10 reps (focus on maintaining perfect form)

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