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Kick Start Your Metabolism Post-Easter With This ‘Chocolate’ Workout

Still feeling sluggish thanks to a belly full of chocolate and hot-cross buns last weekend? You’re not alone. Easter can take it’s toll and seriously derail even the most robust of health kicks, but once all the left overs are finished, it’s time to get back on track.

Keeping in the Easter theme, we’ve pulled together our favourite combination of exercises, designed to work every energy system and torch body fat. Give your metabolism the kick start it needs with a serious dose of “CHOCOLATE”.




Chocolate Workout

– Calories on the rower. Hit 30 cals.

– Handstand pushups (20 reps). If you can’t complete these, go for 40 hand-release push-ups.

– Over the shoulder deadballs. Use a 45kg deadball and do 30 reps.

– Cleans. Complete 30 power cleans at 40kg.

– Overhead walking lunges. Use a 10kg plate and go for 40 metres.

– Lateral burpees. Use the barbell and jump laterally over the bar between burpees.

– Air squats. 40 reps of body weight air squats. Hit full depth and try to do these unbroken.

– Toes to bar, 30 reps.

– Eighty metre sled push at 80kg.

Still feeling fresh? Set a timer for 50 minutes and see if you can get through the workout twice before time runs out.
Good luck!

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