Chris Hemsworth Is The King Of Instagram

Chris Hemsworth is the king of Instagram

The acting superstar’s gargantuan insta following sees him top the Aussie influencer list, raking in over $1m per sponsored post.

CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS the king of Aussie social media, according to a new report that found he was the most influential Australian on Instagram, with more than 58.5 million followers.

The Byron Bay-based actor, who’s most famous for his roles in Marvel’s Thor franchise, as well as Netflix’s Extraction action series, could earn up to $1,041,208 per sponsored post, the report found.

Compiled by Impressive, a Melbourne-based SEO service, the report analysed the Instagram followings of Australian celebrities to assess how much they could earn from a single sponsored post, based on influencer pricing from Inbeat and Hootsuite.

Hemsworth, a two-time Men’s Health cover star and founder of the Centr fitness app, mainly uses his account to showcase new projects, detail his fitness regimen and post family pictures. He beat brother Liam, who came in at no.11 in the rankings, with 12.2m followers and projected earnings of $231k.

Perth born actress, Katherine Langford, star of Netflix hit, 13 Reasons Why, came in second with more than 42.1 million followers and $737,205 per sponsored post, while Hugh Jackman finished third with more than 31.6 million followers. The Wolverine star, who primarily uses his Insta to share appearances at movie premieres and events, as well as posting training videos, was projected to earn up to $554,989 per sponsored post.

The top 10 list of Aussie insta giants is dominated by actors and singers, with Ruby Rose, Iggy Azalea and Troye Sivan all raking in digital dollars.

“Considering the huge screen presence and fanbase of popular actors, it is no surprise to see figures like Chris Hemsworth and Katherine Langford in the top five,” says Robert Tadros, CEO and founder of Impressive. “Both have also starred in successful projects on Netflix, which may have helped them to gain an even bigger following by promoting themselves on multiple platforms.

The highest ranked fitness influencer was Kayla Itsines at no.9, while the highest ranked sportsman was recently retired cricketer, David Warner at 13th, with 10.2m followers and projected earnings per post of 193k. He beat out F1 star and Drive to Survive sensation Daniel Ricciardo in 17th place and NBA star Ben Simmons in 24th.

Finally, there will be some jousting in the Irwin household today, with Bindi Irwin beating brother Robert by one spot in 27th and 28th place, respectively.


The top 10 most influential Australians on Instagram



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A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth)

1 Chris Hemworth

58.5m followers, $1,041,555 earnings per sponsored post


2 Katherine Langford

42.1m – $737,451



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A post shared by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman)

3 Hugh Jackman

31.6m – $554,989 



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A post shared by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose)

4 Ruby Rose

22.8m – $401,417



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A post shared by Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith)

5 Anne Curtis Smith

20.3m – $358,842



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A post shared by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic)

6 Iggy Azalea

17.8m – $316,267



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A post shared by Tammy 🐚 (@tammyhembrow)

7 Tammy Hembrow

17.6m – 308,665



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A post shared by KAYLA ITSINES (@kayla_itsines)

8 Kayla Itsines

16m – $282,816



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A post shared by troye sivan (@troyesivan)

9 Troye Sivan

15.3m – $276,352



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A post shared by Miranda Kerr (@mirandakerr)

10 Miranda Kerr

14.6m – $256,967



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By Ben Jhoty

Ben Jhoty, Men’s Health’s Head of Content, attempts to honour the brand’s health-conscious, aspirational ethos on weekdays while living marginally larger on weekends. A new father, when he’s not rocking an infant to sleep, he tries to get to the gym, shoot hoops and binge on streaming shows.

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