The Hemsworth Vs Momoa Bicep Beef Is Threatening To Boil Over

The Hemsworth vs Momoa biceps beef is threatening to boil over

Upon examining the substantial bodies of evidence belonging to both men, it’s easy to see why there are various points of contention.

FEW PEOPLE HAVE attained a level of fame that can rival that of Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa, a pair of veritable Hollywood heavyweights. Both are stars of big-budget blockbusters whose names have become synonymous with the superheroes they play, but the pair have had drastically different paths to celebrity status. They are united, however, by what is clearly a prerequisite in their line of work: bulging muscles and enviably buff physiques.

For all their similarities, as members of conflicting cinematic universes, the actors are box-office rivals. It should come as no surprise that the duo have found themselves at odds. It was only a matter of time really. As two of the most ripped men in Hollywood, comparisons are bound to be made. And those are coming to a head now, with Hemsworth and Momoa finding themselves embroiled in a war of words on social media—all in good jest, of course.

The conflict started when Momoa—the natural agitator in this situation—called out his Marvel counterpart with a video on TikTok. “What’s up, Hemsworth?” Momoa said while flexing his outsized biceps and kitted out in full Aquaman gear. “You had to work out, I didn’t,” he finished. We’re sure Momoa’s genetics and raw size played a role in the development of his covetable arms, but if he’s suggesting he doesn’t need to work for those muscles, we’re sceptical. The coup de grâce: Momoa captioned the post “Eat your heart out @chrishemsworth”.


@prideofgypsies Eat your heart out, @Chris Hemsworth ♬ original sound – Jason Momoa


Clearly, Hemsworth isn’t one to let such a pointed dig slide, or one to miss any opportunity to flex his ‘ceps. He hit back with a thirst-fuelled social media attack of his own, taking to Instagram to share footage of himself doing bicep curls with a resistance band. “That’s a lovely padded costume you’ve got there Jason. I prefer a skin suit myself, mate,” he said. Before the quarrel got out of hand, Hemsworth clarified that he meant no harm with an amiable sign off. “Love you Aquaman,” he said.


It would appear that it’s Momoa’s turn to make the next move. As for what could happen next, we have no clue—but the fans are already the real winners. Could the conflict escalate into a blockbuster Thor vs Aquaman cinematic crossover, akin to Godzilla vs Kong? Unlikely, but we can dream.


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