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This Is How Chris Hemsworth Eats To Get Jacked, According To His Nutritional Consultant

There’s no denying Chris Hemsworth’s rig is supernatural. After all, he’s played the son of a Norse god for much of his career. But Thor didn’t get his body overnight. So on hand is Sergio Perera, Chris’ long-time nutritional consultant and resident foodie at Centr to help explain the diet secrets behind those killer arms. 

Calorie Surplus

For roles such as Thor and The Avengers, Hemsworth needs to add on weight quick. That means it’s all about eating more calories than he burns.  

“We put Chris through an energy surplus with food by increasing calories from whole, fresh and nutrient-rich food. We keep it balanced with protein, carbs and fat. During this time we increase his meat intake but have him consume it earlier during the day while always giving him fish options at night for better digestion,” explains Perera.

“His film schedules can be hectic and stressful so it is imperative that we allow the body to rest and recover at night. Meat and certain carbohydrates require a lot of digestion time which can interfere at nighttime while sleeping.”

Intuitive Eating

While many will aim to scoff down as much protein as humanly possible while restricting carbs, Perrera makes a point of Chris listening to his body.

“We don’t focus too much on macros except from the beginning when we establish the goal. What I try to help with more is the development of personal intuition and being present to the body and what it needs,” he continues. 

“If we really pay close attention, the body tells us whether we need more protein, more carbohydrate energy, or satiation from fats. Lethargy comes from lack of B vitamins and iron Chris is highly intuitive with his body and we have already learned a great deal about what his body assimilates the best. We all digest different things better than others. Not one person is the same, therefore we need to focus more on how and what our bodies feel and how to nourish it if we are to transform it.”

Pre-workout essentials

“The very important thing is also having a pre workout concoction of BCAA’s (Branched chain amino acids) and vitamin C mixed in a litre of cold water to help with energy metabolism and retaining muscle during intense cardio sessions. We follow this with a post workout drink which contains cold water, a protein powder (his is vegetable based), another dose of BCAA’s and vitamin C. An hour later he consumes a whole food meal high in protein and good fats with some complex carbohydrates,” Sergio says. 

“What time does he eat? It all depends on his goals. We can go anywhere from every 2-3 hours to even intermittent fasting but we always make sure he consumes some form of nutrient in a liquid or whole food form and plenty of water.

“If he is hungry an hour prior to his workout, he may have a green shake or a bowl of yogurt and berries. If not he will have a concoction mixed in water made up of BCAA’s and vitamin C.”

Keep it consistent

He might be training for a role or away on set, but that doesn’t mean Hemsworth steers away from home-cooked meals and cheat meals.

“His family eats quite well since Elsa is Spanish. When they have come on set during filming, they tend to eat very similar. A Mediterranean based diet balanced and rich in legumes, proteins, nuts, berries and grains. He’s favourite ‘treat’ meal is pizza or a good hamburger with chips.”

Supplementing a wholesome diet

“He will consume various types of supplements depending on his goals for the film he is working on. He does have some staples which consist of a good multi -vitamin, vitamin C, B vitamins, Zinc, magnesium and some form of a green powder supplement. This helps a lot especially when he is travelling which helps greatly due to his hectic schedules. There is always a balance of everything he consumes,” Sergio adds.

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