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Meet The Man Behind Michael B. Jordan’s Body Transformations

Unless you’ve been living without an Internet connection for the past few years, you’d be pretty familiar with the work of art that is Michael B. Jordan‘s rig. 

Now, meet the Michelangelo to this Statue of David – celebrity trainer and body transformation specialist Corey Calliet. We spoke to the Huawei ambassador – who was down under to launch their new Watch GT2 – about his training methods, food philosophy and how he worked magic with Michael B. Jordan’s body. 

What is your day on a plate? 

I’m actually following an intermittent fasting protocol at the moment to help my body restore itself and recover from the intense training I throw at it. Also, IF helps me stay on track when travel and project demands are the norm. This means I typically start my eating each day around 2pm with some fruit to break my fast, and a lean protein source such as egg whites, chicken, or fish paired with a quick digestive carbohydrate to get my energy flowing. About an hour later I’ll have a snack containing a protein and a healthy fat source. My second meal of the day will usually include a light protein such as fish and a slow digestive carbohydrate to give me sustained energy for my next workout.

While training I’ll usually down a shake or two to keep me fuelled through the workout. The last shake comes right after training along with a fat or carbohydrate depending on the day to replenish the vital nutrients lost during training. My last meal of the day I will have an omega-rich fat like avocado or nuts to give me clean energy to use to recover through the night with a bowl of egg whites or a shake.

What does a week of training look like for you?

Regardless of where I am, I make sure I get a dose of cardio first thing in the morning whether traditional or HIIT-style to get my body moving and maintain my goals to stay lean. Later in the day I will hit the next muscle group on my split. I follow a set training split each week to make sure I’m stimulating each muscle effectively to keep them engaged. If I’m in a phase of training where the goal is to make changes, my sessions are more intense and strategic; if I’m in a maintenance phase, the goal is simply to make the muscle work and keep it active.

Michael B Jordan’s body transformations for Creed and Black Panther were so different, what were the key differences in training and diet for each one?

The focus for Creed was to create an elite-functioning athlete which meant boxing training, skill development in the ring, and strength and conditioning sessions. Black Panther on the other hand had me implementing a bodybuilding training approach with focus on muscle development and aesthetic with strategic cardio to support his lean mass gain (25-30 min daily at most compared to the hours he got while boxing). In terms of nutrition, there wasn’t much variance other than a slight increase in macros for Creed due to the physical demands of intense cardio and multiple training sessions in a day.

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Which transformation was harder to do?

I wouldn’t say there was one that was harder, they were both attacked from contrasting angles and had different demands. I like the challenge of having to change from one body composition to another – I hope it inspires others to believe they can make the changes they want to see for themselves.

When it comes to your work on Revenge Body – what is the first change you recommend clients make when transforming their body?

Change your mindset and focus on the inside-out. The most powerful and lasting transformations come with transforming your innermost thoughts and your internal health. How we look on the outside is a direct reflection of how we truly feel on the inside. Whether you have toxic thinking patterns, or your internal health isn’t allowing your body to function optimally, these need to be cleaned up before you can see true results on the outside.

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