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The Internet Can’t Figure Out WTF’s Going On In This Creepy Selfie

There’s never a shortage of weird stuff on the internet. From a woman popping her entire forehead to a man inserting a 20-inch eel up his anus in an effort to cure his constipation. 

But while those are good for grossing you out, what you’re about to see will freak you out.

In what at first glance seems like an innocuous picture of a young couple, on closer inspection you’ll notice something isn’t right. (Hint: take a look in the mirror.)

Unsurprisingly, the internet had a field day with the photo, with online sleuths putting it down to either 1. Photoshop, or 2. witchcraft. We’d like to believe it’s been digitally altered, but we can’t get the look of the girl’s face in the mirror out of our minds.

Here’s how the internet reacted.

Devil, be gone!

This couple has some explaining to do. (And might want to cleanse their home of demons while they’re at it.)

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