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The Rock Shares His Best Advice For Getting Back Into Training

When Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson dishes out training tips, you better be taking notes – he’s the most muscular dude in Hollywood for a reason, after all.

In anticipation of gyms reopening across the globe (cheers, COVID), the 48-year-old has taken to Instagram to offer fans his words of wisdom on how to “get after” their goals again.

“I know you guys have been pent up for months, you’ve been dying to train, you haven’t been able to get into your local gyms, you’re ready to get back and train like beasts, trust me I know, I understand,” he said. “Have a plan. Make a decision. Have real clarity. Be decisive, then make your move. Get out there and go.”

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“That first step begins with that first rep, and in order to complete that first rep, you’ve got to get out there,” he continued. “Be decisive, get to the gym, and start training.”

Sounds straightforward enough but try not to go full tilt right away. For the next few months, it’s important to stay mindful of social distancing as well as maintaining good hygiene and healthy habits.  

“You want to be smart,” he said. “You know your gym. If your gym was a shithole before the pandemic, you’re going to want to go back cautiously, talk to the owner, make sure they’re taking the proper steps and the proper guidelines from CDC. I’ve talked to a few gym owners across the country, who own the biggest and the best gyms across the United States, not only are they following the CDC guidelines but they’re going above and beyond, and I hope that’s what gym owners are doing around the world.”

His final piece of advice? “Follow your gut.” Even if your local gym is back in business, it might be safest to workout at home (or say, at your local park) a couple of days per week.

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