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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stops oncoming traffic to meet fan

Dwayne Johnson ‘rocked’ one of his fan’s worlds yesterday when he took a selfie with him through the window of his car.

The star-struck fan was in shock when he saw The Rock driving and then proceeded to jump out of his car and stand in front of oncoming traffic to take a couple of snaps with his hero.

The Baywatch star uploaded the crazy moment to his Instagram account where he said with a huge smile, “sometimes traffic is just gonna have to wait to make fans happy”.


He retold the story to his 82.9 million social media followers, “I was driving in my pick up truck after work and my guy here pulled up beside me, recognised me and started freaking out.”

“I rolled the passenger window down to say hello and then he REALLY freaked out.”

“Jumped out of his rig and came around to my side where he stood in the oncoming traffic lane.”

He said, “Holy shit Rock you’re my hero, can I take a picture with you?” I said yeah man but let’s pull over to the side and .. before I could even finish he was gone like a flash, “Hold on let me get my phone”.. “The light’s turned green and now cars are coming towards him and driving around him.”

Then he joked around, “not one car was beeping their horn because I’m sure they thought some road rage was going down. No rage, just some big, brown, bald tattooed man in his pick up truck taking selfies in traffic.”

The friendly giant also said, “making fans like this happy will always be the best part of fame. Thanks dude for making my day.”

“I got the greatest fans in the world, man, I appreciate that,” he says in the video, “and the f*cking craziest.”

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