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Why ‘Dynamic Isometric’ Training Could Push You Past Your Plateau

If there’s one thing MH Fitness Director Chief Brabon can be counted on, it’s thinking outside the box when it comes to unlocking new fitness heights. The official King of leveling-up has educated us on offset training, hacked our abs, and destroyed our legs… and that’s only in the past month.

And in news that’s sure to make your metabolism shake in anticipation, Chief has taken to Instagram to share a plateau-crushing workout technique; ‘dynamic isometric’ training.

“Looking for a way to overcome a plateau in your Back & Bicep training?” asks Chief in the post. “Well maybe you should give this Dynamic-Isometric (DI) or Constant Tension Workout a go.”

The training hack involves placing one arm under a constant load, static and unmoving in an isometric contraction, whilst the other arm completes a dynamic movement through the specified range of motion.

In what is sure to be a relief to his followers, Brabon goes on to elaborate, explaining the principles behind the methodology. “A dynamic exercise is one that moves from a concentric contraction (shortening of the muscle under tension or the ‘up phase’) to an eccentric contraction (lengthening under tension or the ‘lowering phase’) and back again.” 

“An isometric contraction is when a single position is held while the targeted muscle remains under tension,” explains Chief.

Peep Chief’s video below then head for the closest pair of dumbbells, your sleeves will thank you. ????????

Chief’s Dynamic-Isometric Workout

When completing the below workout, remember to put one arm through a dynamic range of motion, while keeping the other in a fixed, static position under tension.

Complete 4 sets of each super-set.
6-8 reps on each arm.

Super-set 1

Top Half DI Curl.
DI Seated Row.

Super-set 2

Bottom Half DI Curl.
DI Lat Pull Down.

Super-set 2

Full Range DI Curl.
DI Bent-over Row.

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