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Turns Out You Should Totally Eat The Eggshells

Gulp. This hurts our throats just writing this, but it turns out you can eat the eggshells, and they even offer a bit of nutritious value. 

According to research by the University of Florida, a single eggshell contains 2.2 grams of calcium, twice the recommended daily intake. 

Previous findings also suggest that the calcium found in eggshells is more easily absorbed than other sources of the mineral. 

But it’s not as simple as eating them like rice crackers. Raw eggshells can give you salmonella so you’ll need to prepare them first. Studies suggest boiling eggshells for 30 minutes in water before consuming. You can also bake them or use a food processor to make a powder (perfect for smoothies).

Look, we’re probably not going to snack on these daily, but we might have to give them a go. 

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