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Disturbing Images Show What You’ll Look Like In 20 years From Excessive Gaming

With a lot more time on our hands and lunch breaks now spent online rather than walking the city or trying new restaurants, gaming is very much back in fashion. But if you think your five hour marathons aren’t having an adverse effect on your body, we have some bad news.

Researchers from have created a model to see what gaming addicts could look like in 20 years time. And honestly this will make you hit the off button. 

The model, named Michael, suffers from poor posture, damage to his skin and eyes and arthritis in his hands. 

You can see a breakdown of the impact of too much gaming on the body below. 

Online Casino gaming model

Online Casino

The damage is endless and is caused by a variety of things – from a lack of exercise, too much screen time and strain caused be overuse on your controller. 

Fortunately, the experts from the online casino have included some tips to minimise the impact of excessive gaming

1. Exercise

“Making sure you take time to get up, stretch and exercise will warm up your muscles, keep your joints lubricated and reduce the amount of pain in hunched shoulders, stiff muscles and help tackle obesity.”

2. Prevent Eye Strain

“Avoid glare from your screen by evenly lighting the room, remember to blink and also rest your eyes by taking breaks in between games.”

3. Healthy Diet

“Eating a poor diet can lead to malnourishment and reduce your mental and physical health. Not only should you eat a balanced diet for your health but it will also support your in-game performance by helping decision making, concentration and energy levels.”

4. Posture

“Save yourself from that horrible hunch by reminding yourself to sit properly and stretch. Not only will this help with short term aches and pains it will protect you from the future gamer hunchback and rounded shoulders. The best tip here is to invest in a decent chair, make sure your monitor is at eye level and regular stretching and movement.”

5. Hydrate

“Gamers are drawn to soft and energy drinks but do not forget about the importance of H2O! This is because as our body loses water we lose energy to it is important to stay hydrated. If not only for energy but for your health too!”

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