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MH Tech Review: EFM 10w Wireless Charge Pad

Gone are the days asking your colleagues at work if you can borrow their charger only to find that the plug won’t fit. Now EFM have released their own wireless charger for you Qi compatible phone (as well the non-compatible iPhone 8, 8Plus and X).

Another sleek design from EFM, this charger does exactly what it says, getting your phone back up to 100% in no time (even faster if your phone is Qi compatible) without fumbling around with cables. Plug the device into a USB, pop your phone on the pad, watch the LEDs turn red or blue (depending on your phone) and go about your business.

Thumbs Up

  • Price
  • Design
  • Fast charging

Thumbs down

  • Non-Qi compatible devices are slower to charge
  • If the phone is not placed exactly on the right spot on the pad, it won’t charge.

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