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How The Next Big Supplement Is Already Growing In Your Favourite Sports Star’s Gut

Who doesn’t like a supplement that promises big gains or impressive performances? Turns out your favourite sports star is already growing it. 

According to Men’s Journal, molecular biologist Jonathan Scheiman from Harvard University believes that we’ll soon be using the gut bacteria from elite athletes as a performance enhancing supplement.

For the last three years, the 35-year-old scientist has been researching the phenomenon, launching a biotech company called FitBiomics. During his research, Scheiman found that pro sportsmen have a specific gut bacteria that is able to cope with high lactate levels allowing them to continue performing at optimum levels. Lactate is a byproduct of high intensity exercise that causes a burning sensation and fatigue in your muscles. 

While we all have gut bacteria that can help cope with lactate, the “bug that we’ve found (is) elevated in all of our athletes after strenuous exercise,” says Scheiman speaking to Men’s Journal.

Scheiman has collected samples from pro athletes, freeze-drying them into a powdery substance to test on Mice. 

“Can it optimise your personal training, performance, and recovery? That’s what we’re interested in. We need to prove these things, but we’re very excited about some of the discoveries that we’ve made, continues Scheiman.

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