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Enter Beast Mode With This Insane Full Body Workout

This is a full body strength session that will really challenge you physically and mentally. I love incorporating sessions like this in my weekly training schedule, as I was recently working towards a goal of mine – deadlift 250kg @ 90kg Bodyweight. I was stoked!  

Starting with my favorite compound movement, Deadlifts, and then incorporating Push/Pull movements. I’ve also incorporated deadballs in this workout and really recommend using them in your training program if your gym has some. Not only will they test your strength and core but all the stabilizing muscles that little bit more! 

This session will start by targeting full body strength, while the 2nd and 3rd component will test your breathing! Go Heavy!! 




Component 1:


  • 7 x Deadlifts 
  • 7 x Dead ball throw @ 50% bodyweight
  • 10m Sled drag 10m
  • 10m Sled Push 10 m

Component 2:


  • 7 x Strict Press
  • Deadball Complex:
    – 7 x 1 hand on deadball push ups
    – 7 x Ground Over Shoulder
  • 7 x Thrusters
  • 10 x Toes To Bar

Component 3:


  • 25 calories assault bike
  • 25 wall balls @ 10kg

Ben Seymour is a trainer at BeFit Training. You can follow his online program here.

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