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This Exclusive Party Is Offering You A Lifetime of Wild Sex for $1 Million

A lifetime membership to a high-end sex party can be all yours for $1 million.

That may not sound like a screaming deal to those of us without that much disposable income lying around. But it offers a “24/7” erotic concierge, who can teach you about all things related to sex (including how to “juggle multiple lovers”), access to as many sex parties you can handle, and “bragging rights.” If you’ve got the money, how can you resist?

Snctm, which has come to be known as the monthly, high-end sex party in Los Angeles, has just arrived in New York City and announced their super-exclusive membership plan. Snctm founder Damon Lawner is allowing three lucky (and rich and sex-crazed) individuals to join his Violet Key Benefactors, and according to the New York Post, claims to have already sold two of the memberships for $400,000 and $500,000.

The third spot is up for grabs for a cool $1 million. 

Besides lifetime access to all of Snctm’s famous erotic masquerades and parties, Violet Key Benefactors receive an erotic concierge who is apparently on call “24/7” to answer all your sex questions, including how to navigate foursomes and and BDSM. Excuse us as we empty our life savings. 

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According to the Post, these parties consist of a lot of lingerie-laden ladies flouncing around in animal ears and “canoodling with suited, moneyed men.” A ticket to a single party costs $1,850, and annual memberships are $75,000. Women, however, don’t have to pay a fee—they simply have to apply for entry by submitting full-length photos to Lawner. Apparently, nudes aren’t a requirement but probably doesn’t hurt.

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