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FitBit Releases New Range, Here’s The Honest Feedback

Fitbit has long been a brand associated with movers and athletes, creating gadgets catering to users who want to track every step or record each workout for analysis. The company’s latest releases prove that the brand is still committed to its core user base—but also that Fitbit is ready to serve the needs of people outside of the gym, too.

New for Fitbit in spring 2019 are a smartwatch, the Versa Lite Edition, and three trackers, the Inspire, Inspire HR, and Ace 2, which is for children.

The line should look familiar at first glance if you’ve been following the wearables scene.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Lite


The Versa smartwatch first dropped last year, the second entry in Fitbit’s full-fledged watch lineup after 2017’s Ionic. This year’s version takes the Versa and strips it down to the essentials, maintaining the key features of the wearable in a slightly more wrist-friendly package. The three-button design of the standard Versa casing has been slimmed down to just one for a more comfortable fit.

Wearers will still get “most of” the activity and sleep tracking available on the Versa, along with (according to company claims) a long-lasting battery and eye-catching casing colours, but the most important difference between the standard model and the Versa Lite Edition will likely be the price tag.

The smartwatch will debut at $249.95, which could be much more palatable to casual or first-time smartwatch wearers than the $299.95 Versa model.

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire


Fitbit also streamlined its fitness tracker line with the Inspire series. The new Inspire gadgets will replace the Alta and older Flex wearables, slotting in right beneath 2018’s well-received Charge 3 as the company’s entry-level trackers.

The major difference between the Inspire and Inspire HR is the latter’s heart rate tech, which allows for continuous monitoring and more high-level activity and sleep tracking using the built-in sensor. Both trackers have a sleek touchscreen and smartphone connectivity, so users can get notifications on their wrist even with the small package. The waterproof gadgets are designed for all-day, all-night wear, as the company claims the battery will last for up to five days. The Inspire HR will cost $179.95, while the Inspire will be even less expensive (and more accessible) at $129.95.

What Else Is On the Way

Fitbit won’t just be updating its hardware line. The company says that its app, which connects with all products, will “soon receive a major redesign.” That re-haul is expected to add a new section called Fitbit Focus, which is meant to deliver “relevant insights, messages and tips to keep users engaged, informed and motivated” within the app.

The company also announced a new beta Rewards program, which could reward users for their activity by pairing with partner companies adidas and Blue Apron to offer discounts and other incentives. Timing of a wide release for that program is unclear, as Fitbit says it will be tweaking software programs “in advance of launching a paid premium service offering later in the year.”

Fitbit’s new releases are widely-appealing, sleek, and—most importantly for the budget-minded—cheaper than ever. If you’re in the market for a new fitness tracker or you’re ready to spring for your first, this is a great time to consider your options.

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