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How Florian Munteanu Cut Weight for ‘Creed II’ In 3 Steps

Think Viktor Drago will train like Dear Old Dad in Creed II? Think again, says Florian Munteanu, who plays Viktor, the son of Ivan Drago, in the latest film of the Rocky saga later this month.

“No way,” Munteanu tells Men’s Health. “I personally like the old-school style of training. And you actually see that in the movie. We train the Russian style, old-school, not modern, not trying to make things easier. Just go through the pain the old-fashioned way.”

It’s the way Munteanu has always trained, going back to his days as a boxer in his native Romania. Ask him to build a home gym, and he keeps it simple. “Definitely give me a bench press,” he says. “And a heavy bag. And I would go for a treadmill. That’s all I need.”

Munteanu kept it simple to get in shape for Creed II, too. Before prepping for the movie, he weighed in at a hefty 113 kg. As Viktor Drago, he’s a slimmed-down 102. Here are his three secrets to getting ready for the silver-screen ring.

Focus on Fish

Munteanu inhaled protein day and night (aiming to eat a gram per pound of body weight). But his evening meals focused on one protein source. “I kept it very basic,” he says. “Only vegetables and tuna.” Tuna is a high–protein, low-fat fish, with one gram of fat per 100 calories.

Train Hard

“We were training every day for five or six hours, because I had to shrink down,” says Munteanu. You don’t have that kind of time, so maximize your half hour in the gym.

If you’re trying to drop body fat, instead of counting reps, put your workout against the clock. Do each move for 45 straight seconds, banging out as many reps as you can, then rest for 15 seconds before beginning your next set.

Run Consistently

Munteanu kept his cardio sessions simple, running for a half hour. His game plan with running: a few miles at a consistent pace three days a week.

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