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How This Cancer Survivor Packed On 20kg Of Muscle In 6 Months

If you were looking for a daily hit of inspiration, this is the story for you. Last year, Perth-based PT Gary-John Hill was visiting the doctor for suspected asthma, when doctors reportedly discovered a 60cm tumour in his chest, pushing against vital organs.


“A massive tumour was pushing on my heart and there were other tumours in my lungs, neck and near my kidneys,” the 30-year-old told the Daily Mail.  “I was riddled with cancer and was told if I don’t start treatment quickly I wouldn’t be around in two weeks time.”

Following the diagnosis, Hill immediately sought treatment, undergoing seven different types of chemotherapy, drastically dropping 26 kilograms over the course of seven months worth of treatment.

“The seven different types of chemotherapy is extremely tough but very effective, but it affected my blood count which meant I was not able to fight off even the smallest bugs,” he said.

A jacked unit even before his diagnosis, Hill seemed immediately determined to bounce back, bigger, stronger, and more inspirational than ever following treatment, sharing his recovery with his followers on Instagram, including an incredible 6-month transformation photo.

“I wanted to be better and just live. Pushing my body makes me feel alive and makes me think that I’m using my second chance not wasting it!” said Hill in the interview.

However due to the intensity of the treatment, getting back to the gym took time, with the experienced PT using resistance bands before lifting heavy. “A few people have been asking me what I have been doing to put on muscle so fast after withering away to nothing. I mostly started with conditioning work with bands because I was so weak,” Hill explained in an Insta-post only 5 weeks after returning to form.

Hill’s next challenge will be taking to the stage, entering the world of competitive body building, and he’s clearly on track for success. “I’ve decided to enter WBFF worlds. My first show ever. A little overwhelmed and nervous but enjoying the process.”

Given his proven success in achieving lofty goals, WBFF success is surely well within his grasp. As for the future, Hill says that he while building his PT business, he hopes to continue to inspire others by setting a high standard on his own journey.

“If I can get fit after what I been through I’m sure I can help people with their fitness goals.”

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