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Giant Avocados (aka Avozillas) Are Hitting Supermarket Shelves

Smashed avocado is about to go super-sized with the arrival of avozillas on the Australian market.

The giant avocados are five times the size of the regular variety, weighing up to 1.8kg.

The Groves family of Bungundarra in central Queensland harvested Australia’s first crop of the fruit.

“Everybody is pretty amazed to see these giant avocados and they are quite a statement, when you see one it is unforgettable,” Mr Groves told ABC Rural.

“The biggest one we found so far was nearly 1.8 kilograms.”

Unlike other super-sized fruit, the avozilla haven’t sacrificed flavour, retaining the signature buttery taste of regular sized avocados.

“Often big fruit and big vegetables don’t taste as good as the smaller ones but in this case, they really do, they are a very good eating fruit.”

“They aren’t genetically modified, they are just bred like any other fruit or vegetable crop.”

Cameron Perna, tropical and exotic fruit sales manager at Mercer Mooney in Perth, said the avozilla offers great value for its $12 price tag.

“I cut one open the other day and got nine pieces of smashed avocado on toast out of [a] half,” he told ABC Rural.

“It’s an exciting product because everybody eats avocados and instead of buying two or three a week, you only have to buy one.”

This article was originally published on Better Homes and Gardens.

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