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The 2019 Golden Globes Red Carpet Gave Us Some Excellent Celebrity Grooming Looks

If you didn’t watch the Golden Globes after an afternoon of Sunday Night Football, I don’t blame you. But by opting out of one of the biggest awards shows in entertainment—the only one that celebrates both movies and television—you missed some choice grooming lessons.

The men of Hollywood always play second fiddle to the ladies, but they never disappoint when it comes to next-level grooming. Last night was a parade of smooth jaws, tall hair, slick lineups and fewer beards, but more scruff. Here’s what you can learn about grooming from Hollywood’s coolest men.

The Perfect Hair/Beard Ratio: Idris Elba

Idris Elba, the world’s favourite possible-Bond, has become known for his age-appropriate salt-and-pepper hair, but typically wears his hair and beard slightly longer than he did last night. He knows that when it’s this short, trimming one means you need to trim the other. His close-cropped beard is almost as short as the hair on top of his head, but still tapers to the ears and back up. That all-important taper keeps hair even this short from looking like a wreath around his face.

Idris Elba Golden Globes

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Embracing the Grey: Richard Madden

Richard Madden ended up winning his first Golden Globe for his role in Bodyguard, where he plays a close-shaven army vet. Last night he looked shaggier, but no less dapper. What really stood out was his natural grey hair, front and centre. More men than ever were showing off their grey hair last night—maybe in honour of one of the night’s big honourees, Jeff Bridges—but no one did it with as much aplomb as Madden. His hair is light enough that it would have been easy to colour, but he didn’t, and for that we applaud him.

Richard Madden Golden Globes

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The Winter Buzz: Taron Egerton

Kingsmen and Robin Hood star Taron Egerton was the latest convert to one of the year’s biggest hair trends: the winter buzz cut. Cutting off your hair may be something you’ve done in the summer, but more and more guys are opting for the look year-round. The key is—like here with Egerton—a slightly longer length. No matter what the season, a slightly longer crop is low maintenance and high impact. Just don’t forget to wear a hat.

Taron Egerton Golden Globes

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The Best Clean-Shaven Look: Bradley Cooper

We’ll just say this about Bradley Cooper: The man cleans up good. The actor and director of A Star is Born might have been doing the method thing, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him as clean-shaven as this. He looks great with a beard, but as more and more men go bearded on the red carpet, Cooper threw a curveball and showed up with nary a hair on his face.

Bradley Cooper Golden GLobes

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The Textured Flat Top: Stephan James

Stephan James, who was nominated for his role in Amazon’s Homecoming, showed up sporting another major hair trend: the textured flat top. The style is retro, with its skin fade and tight lineup like a class flat top, while still modern, since the top is left textured and natural instead of squared off. We love this style because it help elongate the face and is flattering for almost anyone. (Of course, it helps if you’re as handsome as James.)

Stephan James Golden Globe

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Strong Scruff: Justin Hartley

While fewer guys were rocking beards last night, Justin Hartley of This Is Us made a strong case for scruff. His perfectly-trimmed short scruff helps to accentuate his jawline and plays off his piece-y hair for a more younger look that doesn’t seem out of place at a formal event. The fact that it was so well-trimmed and short kept it from looking too messy.

Justin Hartley

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