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This Guys Injects His Arms To Look Like Popeye—And It’s A Very Bad Idea

If you’re looking to get those biceps and triceps popping, here’s exactly what not to do.

A 21-year-old Russian man is gaining attention for reportedly injecting his arms with synthol, a site enhancement that’s 85% oil, 7.5% lidocaine, and 7.5% alcohol. Synthol injections are purely cosmetic; the substance doesn’t offer any amount of strength gain, but simply causes the muscles to balloon. And it’s seriously dangerous.

As you can see, Kirill Tereshin’s arms look a little off—and studies indicate this could actually irreversibly damage the young man’s muscles.

A review of the usage of synthol in bodybuilding indicates that the substance is injected deep into muscles in order to provide an immediate and temporary enlargement of the muscle body. Some bodybuilders favour synthol injections over anabolic steroids, because synthol doesn’t come with the long list of side effects associated with steroids. However, if case studies on synthol are any indication, the effects of synthol can be devastating and long-term, including permanent muscle disfigurement, muscle fibrosis, and the development of muscle ulcers and wounds. (Anabolic steroids also have a slew of long-term impacts.)

One case report looked at a 29-year-old bodybuilder who had injected synthol into his right bicep. Five years later, he presented to a doctor with pain and disfigurement over the bicep into which he’d injected the synthol. The doctors found that his bicep was not only still disfigured from the injection, but that he had developed muscle fibrosis, which is when the muscle develops scar tissue rather than muscle.

Another case report looked at a 45-year-old male bodybuilder, who developed ulcers in both of his arms a few years following synthol injections. The case report says the man’s arms were “rock solid and clearly disformed.” The right arm responded to antibiotic treatment, but the left arm ultimately needed surgery and “negative pressure wound therapy preparing the tissue for a split skin graft.”

It’s also important to point out that synthol injections are purely cosmetic—they don’t offer any amount of strength gain. It’s simply just causing the muscles to essentially balloon.

If these findings are any indication, Tereshin could be looking at some serious consequences years down the line if he continues this injecting.

Guys, don’t inject your arms with oil. If you want to get those arms jacked, try this workout instead—it’s actually designed to bulk up your biceps and triceps with real strength that won’t land you in the hospital years down the line.

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