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4 Sex Positions That Are Even Better With Gym Equipment

Whether your home gym equipment is well used or just sitting there making you feel guilty, you can easily put it to good use for an “extra” workout. Sure, the calorie burn may be small, but the reward gains will be so swole. Remember: Regular gym rules still apply, so when you’re done, wipe that shit down!

The Wild Pony

Have your partner lie with her stomach over a large exercise ball and her hands on the floor. Then, you can enter her from behind from a standing position. (If there’s a height issue, you can bend your knees or lift her legs wheelbarrow-style to get yourself where you need to be.) See if you can get a sexy, back-and-forth rhythm going—just don’t be surprised when the ball throws in a few unexpected moves of its own.

The Wild Pony Sex Position

Lucy Macaroni

The Dive Bar

Have her hang from a chin-up bar suspended in a door frame, then wrap her legs around your hips. She can rock back and forth against you while you use your own upper-body strength to hold her up. This is not good for leisurely sex unless you happen to have mega stamina. But it is pretty impressive for an urgent quickie.

The Dive Bar Sex Position

Lucy Macaroni

The Treadmill Split

Have her hop up onto your treadmill (which is unplugged and preferably steadily placed against a wall), putting a leg over each arm rest so her pelvis is suspended in air. You should slide into her like you would an easy jog on this thing. To help her maintain her balance, you can grab and hold on to her butt, pulling her in closer as she thrust for distance.

The Treadmill Split

Lucy Macaroni

The Anti-Gravity Ball

n this position, she lies back onto a large yoga ball, putting her legs over your shoulders. She can let her head fall back and arms go limp on the floor as she enjoys an amazing session of weightless oral. You be in charge of keeping you steady—and enjoying a killer view.

The Anti-Gravity Ball Sex Position

Lucy Macaroni

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By Mens Health Staff

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