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Here’s What Your Haval Vehicle Says About You

From sporty to practical and everything in between, your car says more about you than you think. As we start to leave the city for the country, trade gym memberships for outdoor fitness and adopt work from home, we’re also more interested in vehicles that offer a lifestyle at unbeatable value.

Whether it’s the car you own now or your dream car, here are some of the things that your car says about you.


If this is you, your weekends consist of bush walks, surf sessions at remote beaches and camping trips that only the wildly brave would endure. You are always up for a last-minute road trip and couldn’t imagine the idea of never being able to try something new again.

Your car is quite the same! It’s built for off-roading and comes with extra space to load in everything you need for your next big adventure. And if this sounds like your dream car, then consider the HAVAL H6 when shopping around. With a punchy turbocharged engine and 4WD variant, this mid-sized SUV delivers acceleration just when you need it.

As an adventurer, you like to push the limits, and you want a car that can keep up and keep you safe. The HAVAL H6 comes with active and passive safety features, including blind-spot monitoring and reversing cameras for when you’re in a bind.


You work hard and like to challenge the norms. You’re considered the go-to guy in your group for advice and a pep talk. You’re passionate about your work, and you live life by the motto work hard, play hard. With your ambitious attitude comes an ambitious lifestyle, and your car is sure to pack the same punch.

HAVAL H6’s ambitious but practical design offers everything you need and more. With very generous legroom for your passengers, a spectacular panoramic sunroof that lets you take in Australia’s cities from a new angle, and a 12.3” high definition touch screen, you finally have the SUV that keeps up with your ambitious lifestyle.


Whether it’s a half marathon, a 50 km cycle with your mates or a swim-run to kick off your weekend, you are always active. And even when you’re not working out, you’re socialising with friends, dropping off the kids at sports and finding the next best mountain biking trail. 

It’s no doubt your car reflects this active lifestyle. It gets you from point A to point B and everywhere in between. But you could almost say you need a sportier-SUV to meet your busy lifestyle. The HAVAL 6 puts the ‘sports’ in ‘Sports Utility Vehicle.’ A cross between function and design, the H6 is as fantastic to drive as it is to look at.


As someone practical, you know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to have fun. You enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate products that come at a great price with an unbeatable design. You like comfort matched with style. Your car is more than just a car; it’s an investment.

With its European-design, HAVAL 6 luxurious mid-sized SUV has thought about it all. It unites form and function with humanistic principles, including climate control, interior lighting that turns night into day and sleek alloy wheels built to impress. It boasts a sophisticated and practical design.

To learn more about what your car says about you, visit Haval’s website to discover the HAVAL 6, and it’s endless features built for a lifestyle full of adventure, ambition, activity and practicality. It delivers the best of everything.

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