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3 Hollow Body Band Moves That Will Carve Your Abs

Trainer Jay T. Maryniak does a lot of hollow body holds to work his abs. One of his favourite ways to progress them: a resistance band.

“Adding some different banded movements to the hollow body will take this already painful but killer core exercise to the next level,” Maryniak says in a recent Instagram post of three banded progressions.

Resistance bands add challenge to any hollow hold variation because when you hold them away from your torso, they can very easily pull your body out of position. The way to resist that, no matter where the band is pulling you, is to tighten your abs that much more aggressively to drive your lower back into the ground. A stronger abdominal contraction will make it easier to fight the bands.

Maryniak explains that the introduction of a resistance band, when held overhead, also drives deeper lat and serratus anterior engagement. “All three movements are nasty but damn,” he writes, just to give you an idea of how tough the series is once you’re working through them all at together.

When getting into the movements, first find and own a solid hollow hold position, tightening your abs to drive your lower back into the ground. Let fatigue and form be your guide. Perform each set until your back almost leaves the floor, then rest as long as you just worked, and then go at it again. Perform 3 to 5 sets.

Watch Jay T. Maryniak in action below. 

Band Hollow Bicycles

Hold the band straight over your shoulders with its opposite end secured behind your head. The band should be taunt at all times so that you can feel it trying to pull your low back from the floor. Without letting your arms or core move, bicycle your knees toward your chest.

Band Hollow V-Ups

Again, hold the band, but with your head farther from the anchor point so that there’s slight tension in the band when your arms are extended behind your head. Start with your legs as close as they can get to the floor without your low back rising. Then, simultaneously flex your hips to raise your legs to vertical while pressing the band to your legs. Repeat, moving slowly, using your core to draw your limbs together, and not “rocking.”

Band Hollow Pull Overs

For this one, you’ll start with both your arms and legs extended as far as possible toward the floor and the band taunt. Without moving your core or lower body, use your lats to press the band to your thighs, return your arms back behind you under control, and repeat.

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