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This Is The Workout Behind James Stewart’s Incredible Transformation

James Stewart transformation didn’t happen overnight. His trainer, Chief, put him through gruelling workouts to burn fat quick and get that bod beach-ready.

“This sample workout from Jimmy’s program hits every muscle of your upper body while simultaneously targeting lard,” says Men’s Health Australia’s Fitness Director, Cheif Brabon. 

What to do

Perform a workout like this for or five times a week. You can play around with the exercises to zero in on different muscles. In each superset, move directly from the two resistance moves to the cardio one. Have 30-60 seconds rest between supersets. Do four rounds. 

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Key points

  • Emphasise strict form over load.
  • Grab a sandag or barbell for the strength moves.
  • Use a rep range for the strength moves of 8-12, except do the push-ups to failure
  • Do three bursts of the battle-ropes protocol each time. So, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off; repeat; repeat again.
  • Minimise rest between rounds. You may need 1-2 minutes initially.

Superset 1

Bent-over Row

Holding the weight in front of you, brace your core and tilt forward from the hips. Arm fully extended, row the bar or sandbag up to your upper abs by squeezing together your scapular. Lower under control. 

James Stewart Bent Over Row

Jason Ierace

Overhead Press

With hands and feet shoulder-width apart, rack the bar under your chin. Now brace your core and drive it directly overhead until your arms lock out. Lower and repeat. 

James Stewart Overhead press

Jason Ierace

Battle Ropes ( alternating waves)

With a rope in each hand, sit into a strong, quarter squat. Now alternatively create a wave in each rope by whipping them upwards with a focus on your biceps and forearms. 

James Stewart Alternating Battle Ropes

Jason Ierace

Super Set II

Upright Row

Stand tall holding the weight in front of you with a narrow grip. Lead with the elbows to draw it up to your chin, pausing at the top to squeeze your traps before lowering. 

James Stewart Upright Row

Jason Ierace


Keeping your arms tucked into your ribs and your body level, lower yourself until your chest touches the floor. Drive back up to the starting position.

James Stewart Pushup

Jason Ierace

Battle Ropes ( Dual Waves)

As per the battle-ropes move above, except this time the hands stay parallel with each other and the ropes are whipped in unison. 

James Stewart Dual Ropes

Jason Ierace

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